About KID

NGO “Culture. Tolerance. Friendship.” is youth organization, which since 1996 is engaged in educational and support activities for minority young people including dissemination of information, publishing of information materials, booklets as well as training activities.

The subject areas of our work are children and young people, ethnic minorities, lifelong learning, fundamental human rights, European citizenship and combating discrimination.

We implement a lot of various projects both on national and international levels for young people aiming to increase their capacities and abilities and make them more competitive, self-confident, skilled and smart.

Dates of KID

22 April 1996 the organization was registered in Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia.

19 May 1996 National Commission for UNESCO in Latvia gave the organization status of the UNESCO club.

11 May 1998 the organization became a member of the Nordic-Baltic Minority Youth Network.

since 1998 the organization became a member of National Youth Council.