Youth exchange “Like IT: Internet as a modern way of thinking and a tool for professional development“

1-8 August 2014, Latvia

The project was supported by EU programme Erasmus+.

Objective of the project was to improve understanding of possibilities provided by Internet and modern communication technology among young people, positively influence their professional development and social engagement by teaching to use virtual communication securely, independently and without causing potential threat to their own health and safety.

Thirty young people from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania participated in the project.1-8 August 2014, Latvia

Questions regarding the significance of Internet as a contemporary cultural phenomenon and the tools it provides, which could be used for self-help, education and occupational purposes, as well as Internet-security, ethics, Internet- related laws and regulations were covered in discussions, simulations, debates and activities of other format.

Teamwork exercises, “icebreakers” and team-building activities, open discussions, interactive presentations done by both the participants as a form of assignment and by qualified professionals attempting to foster understanding of a specific topic, simulations, daily and overall feedback and evaluation sessions, filmmaking.

Participants raised their awareness of both national and international work-placements, internships, academic and informal educational opportunities by learning to utilize IT resources effectively.

They were encouraged to think about the Internet and social media as a cultural phenomenon along with gaining an understanding of underlying moral and philosophical concepts. Therefore, improving own occupational desirability, ultimately diminishing odds of falling into unemployment and promoting habits of secure Internet usage among youth.