Youth initiative “Explore Yourself to Learn”

May-October 2013

The project was implemented in co-operation with NGO “Noosfera” and supported by EU programme “Youth in Action”. The project was devoted to professional and personal orientation of young people and methods of increasing the learning efficiency. Six months long project consisted of three main stages of activities.

The first step included development of summer school program and selecting of 65 participants: 15-19-year-old high school students and undergraduate students interested in the project.

Second stage was a one week long summer school that was hold in late July and early August 2013. The program of the summer school covered these main topics of the project: professions and their hidden specificities, life strategy, work and education in European scale, choice of the university degree etc.

This was studied through a series of non-formal activities: practical workshops, short lectures, trainings, and discussions, as well as integrative role-playing games that simulate labor market and the cross-professional interaction.

The third stage consisted of follow-up activities taking place in the schools, organized by participants of the summer school using an interschool network formed during the summer school. The project is peer education-based as all the activities and training are going to be implemented by 15 young volunteers involved in work group, who are successful specialists in different professional fields (a photographer, a journalist, a financial auditor, a scientist, a programmer, a cinematographer, an architect, an actor, a medic, an engineer etc.).

As result both participants of the summer school and follow-up activities become more aware about various professions and possibilities of work and education in Latvia and Europe, increased practical skills of professions, studied at the workshops as well as increased the skills to learn effectively and independently.