Development of personality

Intellectual games of schoolchildren

In 2003 our organization launched the project Intellectual games “What? Where? When?” and “Brain Ring” with support of Department of Youth and Sport of Riga City Council and Secretariat of the Special Assignments Minister for Social Integration.

The main goals of the games are as follows:
- Development of creative and intellectual capacity of youth
- Strengthen of the links between different schools and school self-governments
- Facilitation of interest of youth to intellectual games
- Organization of out school time

Since 2004 the games are conducted in two leagues: Senior league for students of 9-12 forms and Junior league for students of 5-9 forms.
The games are carried out once a month for each League.

Detail information about the games you can obtain here:

Summer camps

Our organization conducts summer camps since 1996. Summer camp is a culmination of the annual work of KID. We approach to preparation and implementation of the programme with creativity and fantasy.

Our summer camp is a original coctail of serious and funny, lectures and games, workshops and entertaining parties, walking tours and RPG. Participants of our summer camps obtain new knowledge, new friends and even start to do morning exercises. For years of work the main camp rules were formed: do not use alcohol and drugs, do not use bad language, do not be late, take active part in all activities.

Last years considerable part in the programme of the summer camps take themes as follows: human rights, human rights education, intercultural learning, gender equality, toletance, etc.

Leadeds' courses

Since 1998 NGO “Culture. Tolerance. Friendship.” organizes leaders’ courses for national minority young people.
The main aim of the courses is development of leaders’ skills and creative capacity of participants as well as increase of their social involvement.
The courses last 2-3 months twice a month.
We use informal education approaches: lectures are combined with practical exercises, simulation games and discussions, which allow participants to express themselves, to exchange experience and knowledge.
The programme of the course includes the themes as follows: leader and leader’s capacities, management styles, team building, project management, time management, motivation, conflict resolution techniques, creativity, work with audience.

Education and Training Programme for NGO Young Leaders and Activitsts

In 2000 our organization conducted serie of seminars aimed to familiarize young leaders with principles of social work.
The seminars took place in April and November 2000 in Carnikava. During two days participants were offered intensive programme, which included lectures and workshops on the following themes: project management, team work, leaders skills, time management, project evaluation, intercultural learning, motivation, public relations and conflict management.

Training course for activitsts of youth NGO and school self-governments

The project was implemented in 2002 and consisted of several training courses which were conducted in spring, summer and autumn.
During the courses the following questions were examined: definition of leader and his skills, management styles, team and work in team, motivation and conflictology, project management.