Human Rights and civil society

Fundamental Human Rights for Children through Art and Creative Work

The main aims of the project were as follows:

- to raise children awareness of their rights and opportunities;

- to raise professional level of teachers and youth workers who will be able further to teach children and youth;

- to draw attention of society to children problems and rights of children;

- to create network of organizations working with children and schools in three Baltic countries for implementation of the project and further co-operation.

During 2006 a lot of local, regional and international activities were carried out in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia:

- essay, photo, painting, graffiti and video competitions;

- seminars for adults and children on Human Rights and Human Rights education;

- creation of Internet site with information about the project and Rights of the Child;

- international summer camp;

- publishing of booklets with information on the Rights of the Child and posters with best drawings of the participants, etc.

Information about the Rights of the Child and about the project is available on

Training course “Human Rights and Civil Society Development”

Serie of seminars was arranged for activists of youth NGO and school self-governments in 2002.
Conduction of the seminars allowed to deeply consider human rights issues, questions connected with development of democracy and civil society in Latvia as well as to discuss a role of young people and youth organizations in these processes.

Publishing of Organizer for students of senior form with Human Rights information

The aim of the project was to familiriase school students of senior form with human rights information using informal way.
In spring 1998 the organizer was prepared and published. The organizer contained information as follows:

- main documents on Rights of Child
- Human Rights. Historical Review. Main dates, events, persons.
- List of the Human Rights Organizations in Latvia and Abroad
- List of International Human Rights Conventions Signed by Latvia after 4th of May, 1990
- Calendar on 1998/1999 school years.

The number of copies was 20 000: 10 000 in Russian and 10 000 in Latvian.
Hundred and nineteen schools, children's homes and non-governmental organizations from more than forty towns of Latvia received the organizers.
The sponsor of the project was Small Grants Programme of US Democracy Commission.

Summer School on Human Rights

The programme of the summer school was devoted to Human Rights. It was first international project of our organization where young people from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Finland took part. From 18 to 28 August 2007 participants studied different aspects of Human Rights, discussed questions connected with Human Rights observation and protection, played simulation games, conducted parties and other activities.